Esfeller Oil Field is an Industrial Plant Maintenance Service, Pipe Fabrication & Welding company serving Mobile, AL & the Gulf Coast. We are a privately owned company providing our services to industrial plants & the oil refining and pipeline industries. In 1988 Esfeller Oil Field Construction, Inc. was split from Esfeller Construction to handle oil field fabrication and maintenance work. 
Esfeller Oil Field is committed to the mission of satisfying our customers. We pride ourselves on our quality work and safety. We are proud to have help you! We will continue to do quality work and with safety as our number one priority.
We are a drug and alcohol free work place. We are an equal opportunity employer. We take every precaution to insure the safety of our employees on every job. We take pride in providing continuous training to ensure the safety of our employees and the jobs they perform. A safety meeting is held every Monday morning and maintenance on our equipment is a high priority to ensure safety.
Our companies are proud of our work and we hope we have helped you in some way. We will continue to provide excellent work at fair prices with the same effort to maintain safety.
Esfeller Oil Field offers a wide variety of services and your resource for industrial plant maintenance services and shutdowns, pipe fabrication and erection, mechanical millwrights, structural steel detailing, fabrication and erection, on or off site painting, sand blasting, erosion control prep work, equipment rental, dirt moving, cranes, civil concrete placement, Civial P.E. on staff, oil field prep, pipe line maintenance and marker installation and maintenance, and welding.
We are here to provide you with professional construction services by using our years of experience, knowledge, and resources to meet your building project or road construction needs.

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Esfeller Construction
8230 Padgett Switch Rd
Irvington, AL 36544
Phone: (251) 957-2210
Esfeller Construction Esfeller Construction